I help web3 projects to jump into the crypto ocean.

= Go to market strategy without all the bull💩

Go to market strategy

Hey, I'm Massimo 'Max' Lomuscio

I love supporting and collaborating with web3 projects, and help them to succeed.
In the past years, I have worked for, founded and consulted several crypto-related ventures: I learned a lot, and I want other companies to leverage on this acquired experience.

What we can do together

Target analysis 🎯

Understanding where your users sit within the spectrum of "crypto people" is fundamental to create the best value for the right people.

Grow social channels 🚀

Twitter, Telegram, Discord & Reddit. More people should know about what you are building.

Dashboard & metrics 📈

If you don't measure it, you just have another opinion. Let me help you track your most important trends (beyond the vanity metrics).

Competitors / industry overview 🏭

Yes, your technology might be "unique", but noone lives in isolation. Your users will always choose the path of least resistance. I dig into the best tactics other players are using to succeed.

Community building 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Whether you are pre product, pre-token, or post launch, you want to build a community that goes beyond "Wen Moon, wen Binance". I can help.

Automation 🤖

I hate manual process, so I can support in automating a lot of the procedures, reports and tasks.

Let's talk